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Home Decor

I designed this decorative wall hanging on spring 2020. Spring must be one of the most beautiful seasons when the nature wakes up after a dark, long winter and everthing is fresh and new. I was overwhelmed by the beauty of blooming nature and wanted to capture that feeling in a wall hanging.

Very decorative and beautiful  wall hanging inspired by spring and flowers. Hand made from eco-friendly  materials in Finland.

There are three wall hangings in my ”Hanging garden collection”; Hanging garden, Spring garden and White garden. They are a tribute to the beauty of blossoming nature.

This beautiful wall hanging was born when I wanted to create something very decorative and sprawling. It is inspired by plants and flowers.
”Varpu” means ”Twig” . Hand made from eco-friendly materials in Finland.

Decorative, large wall hanging.
”Kaski”  means ”swidden”. Hand made from eco-friendly materials in Finland.

"Creativity, love and uniqueness
I knot them into every work
I create"

– Karoliina Savi